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Church Check-In

Announcements, updates, mission highlights and event reminders come every Monday from Jenn, our office administrator. Stay up-to-date with all the happenings at Shepherd's Heart!

Midweek Momentum

A little "oomph", inspiration, and motivation to keep you going through the week.

Enjoy these thoughts & insights from our Pastor, Jerry Casselman, each Wednesday.

Discipleship Moment

Our church deacons take time once a month to share with us what it means to be a Jesus Follower, teaching us about living a Christ-filled life, seeking His teachings, His Spirit, and His instruction.

Brought to you by our Shepherds: Jeff Tuholski, Phil Carlisle, Cindy Carlisle, Denise Tuholski

Friday Devotional

These weekly teachings currently offer insight and thoughts from the book of James. It can be comforting, confronting, and challenging, but James lays out the ways of Christian living, as Christ commands.

How is the Lord speaking to you today?

Current Series: The Book of James

James can be comforting, confronting, and challenging, but he lays out the ways of Christian living, as Christ commands. Listen for how believers should think and behave, how to treat others, and how to put feet to our faith in this series.

Previous Series: Safe in the Shepherd's Arms

by Max Lucado

A verse-by-verse walk through Psalm 23 to understand who Jesus is and the assurance and comfort we can find in following Him.

Previous Series: Living the Great Eight

by Dr. David Jeremiah


There are eight areas of our lives that, if we improved, would help us thrive: Discipleship, love, stewardship, service, holiness, trust, surrender & boldness. Follow along with Marcia Troup & Dr. Jeremiah as we discover how to move each of these principles from 'good' to 'great'.

Previous Series: Experiencing God -

Knowing & Doing the Will of God

by Henry T. Blackaby & Claude V. King 

Learn to hear where God is speaking to you. Find out where God is working and join Him. Experience God doing through you what only God can do.

New videos every Friday.

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